H.E.R.O. welcomes small groups (1-4 people) to volunteer at The H.E.R.O. Academy in Arcahaie, Haiti. Volunteering with H.E.R.O. is the perfect short-term international volunteer experience. Each volunteer experience is designed with flexibility and individual attention in mind so we can meet your needs and interests while ensuring that your time is spent effectively contributing to a positive impact on the community. Volunteers have been involved in a variety of activities at The H.E.R.O. Academy including playing and teaching various sports with the children, teaching English, leading leadership courses, and assisting other successful organizations working in Haiti. As a volunteer you have the support of in-country staff so that you and your fellow volunteers can learn about the local culture and customs, as well as understand community development. Activities are specifically designed to help you become a more effective volunteer and more knowledgeable about the issues facing the community. For more information about being a H.E.R.O. volunteer, please click on the volunteer handbook below. We are more than happy to answers any questions you may have and look forward to having you as a volunteer with H.E.R.O.!